Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Friday

Good morning bloggers. It's Friday - we made it through another week. The weather has cooled off about 15 degrees here and it's beautiful. Now it feels like the beginning of fall and I can't wait for the holidays. I'm still thinking about projects for Christmas and I have a few in mind, but I know I'll think of more.

I hope to do some serious tatting this weekend. We've been very busy this past month and away from home a lot so I'm looking forward to some quiet time with my thread and shuttles. I also need to finish my Design-Tat homework of the drawing and submit it.

The InTatters groups has a fun project for October which is to use the thread we don't like (for whatever reason) that's been stashed away at the back or bottom of the drawer and make something. I found some pretty thread in the bottom of my thread box and made a little angel. Honestly, a small motif or small angel is about all I could handle with that thread. It stretched; it broke; it got all tangled up; it was no fun to tat with at all.

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  1. Your tatting blog is darling and I look forward to seeing some of your work as you decide on holiday projects.

    Drop by Ambitatterous (my blog) for a visit if you get a chance. You'll find weekly Tatting Tea Tuesday posts, photos of what I'm working on, and even a giveaway!

    But hurry, if you want to join in the giveaway, as the deadline for entries is midnight on Monday, October 11, 2009. Good luck!


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