Monday, December 28, 2009

Tatting in 2010

I know it's not quite the New Year, but it's close!

I have so many tatting ideas I want to work on next year. Some needle tatting projects as well as some shuttle tatting projects. I still haven't decided which motif to start the 25 Motif Challenge with so I'm still looking for something interesting/new to do.

Something that I really want to do this year is incorporate tatting into other crafts. I mentioned the crazy quilt purses with tatting for Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn't even get those started so they are at the top of my list this year to complete.

I'm off to peruse my tatting books and the internet for a challenging pattern to get started on. I have a lot of new thread to use thanks to the Secret Santa exchanges so I'm ready to begin.

What tatting projects do you have planned for 2010?

Wishing all of you a Tatteristic New Year!


  1. I plan for the new year to get the Tatted Ladies in my Life book done, as well as possibly 2 others in the works.
    I want to start early on my holiday gifts HA HA (i always say that) I plan on taking more tatting time instead of worry time as well!!
    I cant wait to see all your goodies
    Have a happy & safe New Year

  2. As dull as it sounds, I have been wanting to try the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat that everyone else is so enamored of, as well as Jon Yousef's Featherline, Magic Moment and Quantiesque snowflakes and many, many others!

    I jusst don't have enough time to tat all the lovely designs that are out there!

  3. I also want to incorporate tatting into other projects. I like to sew, so I'd like to add it to more clothing I make (and I'd like to make more clothing). I also daydream about a tatted collage. I have more ideas in my head than can be accomplished in 2010, but that's a GOOD problem right?
    :) Ann

  4. Thank you all for stopping by. I agree with you that there are just so many great things out there to try and not enough time to squeeze them all in.

    Isdihara, I also want to make the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat that everyone raves about. I've done Jon's Quantiesque a couple of times. I love her patterns and her work and want to do a couple more of her patterns.

    Ann, it sounds like we'll need to keep encouraging each other to forge ahead with our plans to incorporate tatting into other projects. I'm game!

    Heather, your Tatted Ladies are beautiful. I can't wait to see more of them.

    Happy Tatting in 2010!!


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