Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Tatting Player's Earrings

If you haven't seen her post yet, check out The Tatting Player's earrings that Iris is going to help us create beginning on Monday.

I just finished my very first piece of tatted jewelry which was a pendant for the InTatter's exchange, so I'm excited about learning how to make earrings.

Pendant for Valerie (InTatter's April Exchange)

Pendant plus extra motifs attached to bookmarks

Because I loved this motif so much, I also made a couple extra and attached them to lightweight metal bookmarks called shepherd's hooks. It only takes about an hour or so to tat these motifs up so they're very fun and fast to do. In the pictures the bookmarks look a little like earrings but they're about 5" long and flattened to fit between the pages of a book.

I used a simple clover leaf and chain and attached a small charm at the bottom of one of the clovers. All of these motifs are done in #20 Lizbeth thread. The colors are Western Sunset and Springtime.


  1. I love the pendant and the bookmarks. Simple is sometimes more beautiful and elegant. Looks great! :)

  2. I like how you attached the motifs to the bookmark hook. Great idea. I have been using a similar pattern out of Patti Duff's Mini Tats book and making them into pendants too. I have a green glass heart that I am using on mine with Lizbeth Spring Garden. I haven't seen this Western Sunset color, it is very pretty, now I must get some. LOL!! Happy Tatting!

  3. Very nice! I love tatted pendants and bookmarks!

  4. These are all so pretty! I have the little pattern here in front of me, and have yet to tat it! So cute with the adornments.
    Fox : )

  5. These are gorgeous! I might have to make some of these are presents for folks - great idea!

  6. Cute. I love seeing tatted patterns with charms. So cute. You did a nice job.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. Thanks everyone. Isn't it nice when something so quick and fun turns out to be a great hostess or thank you gift.

    The motif looks nice even without beads or a charm and I purchased the bookmarks at my local Joann's store for about $2 each.

    BTW, the motifs measure about 1-1/2" at the widest point using #20 thread.

    You can't get much easier than that for great little giveaway gift.

  8. It's interesting that I found your blog because of this pendant meant for me! I haven't received it yet but I'm so looking forward. Thanks for the beautiful pendant, Terri.

  9. Hi Val, that's so funny that you found my blog that way. You should have received your pendant by now. I got yours last week and it is absolutely gorgeous. I posted a picture of yours on InTatters.

    Please let me know if you don't receive the pendant soon and I will gladly make another one for you. I hope it didn't get lost.

  10. Hi Terri. I got the package! Thanks so much. The pendant is so much more prettier in person. I love it! I definitely find chances to wear it and flaunt it. :)

  11. Val, I'm glad it finally arrived - I was starting to get worried. I have received a bunch of compliments about the pendant from you!


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