Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Butterfly Tatted Using Both Needle & Shuttles

I've been working on a butterfly and was surprised at how much trouble I had selecting just the right pattern. I love all the little butterflies that you can make to use up extra thread on a shuttle, but I was looking for something with a little more substance. I wanted to challenge myself and be able to post it on the 25 Motif Challenge as well as send it off to it's new home.

I finally decided on the Green Butterfly pattern by Martha Ess - yep that's the name of the pattern. I chose some pretty Lizbeth thread and started tatting. If you've read the post about this butterfly on my 25 Motif Challenge blog, you know that I used both shuttles and needles to tat it.

Once I selected which thread to use, I wound my shuttles CTM to get started. When I read the pattern, I realized that the center rings are the first sections to be tatted. Well, I had already wound my thread for the larger sections of the wings and didn't want to have to cut it and start the wings with two ends to hide.

That's when I decided to needle tat the center green rings. It worked out great and I didn't have any extra ends to hide on the larger sections of the wings.
There was a challenge to completing the butterfly because there are five sections to be joined together. Even though the pattern directions are clear and easy to follow, I somehow always manage to flip things the wrong way or join something upside down. Joining sections or smaller motifs into a larger piece is definitely something I should continue to practice.

The butterfly is actually rather large compared to the pieces I've been tatting. It's about 5" wide and 4" tall and if you click on the picture, you'll get an idea just how big it is. At the bottom of the picture, I included the colors of thread used.

Now the butterfly is complete and it's been blocked and photographed, so I'm sending it to the Palmetto Tatters Guild as my membership fee for the 2010.

[Note: 3/2/10 added link to Green Butterfly pattern]


  1. Love the Butterfly and the colours are just awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your butterfly turned out great and goes well with your blog background. Did you notice that? Are those your favorite colors????

  3. Lovely job and i so like the way you have given all the information on the photo, a lass after my own heart.

  4. Well look at that! Isn't that just the cutest butterfly I've ever seen? It looks so adorable with those colors all dressed up for Spring! It matches your blog background perfectly. You did such a nice job with the photo and the color of the text and the font look so cute! I'm quite impressed! It was a pleasure to click on the photo and see it enlarged with all the writing on the photo explaining about it!! Awesome job!

    Do you mind telling me what book Martha's "Green Butterfly" pattern is in? I want to know if I have it or not...I probably don't. I only have her "Tea is for Tatting" and "Tat's Amore" books and those have very specific themes going on in them, but I would like to know where I can find her pattern! It's darling.
    You really did such a nice job.
    Happy Tatting!

  5. Hi there! Thanks for the comment you just left on your blog! I happen to know how to get to her free patterns page so I appreciate the head's up on where exactly to find it! I think it's a great idea that you are planning on adding the link to her site/where to find the pattern because I'm pretty positive that your absolutely darling rendition of her pattern will inspire other aspiring tatters to want to tat up the same! That way, it's easy for them to find it! You're so considerate, thank you! :) I look forward to seeing what other cute tatted things you come up with in the future!
    ~TattingChic ♥


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