Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Feels Good to Be Tatting Again

It's amazing what a few months away from tatting does. I've really missed it and now that I'm starting up again, I have so many new patterns to try and beautiful thread to use that I don't know where to begin.

I figured I would start with some simple motifs and increase in complexity as I get back into my comfort zone.

The first thing I chose was a needle tatted bookmark from Roger's Needletatting Proboard forum.

The instructions were fantastic and it worked up very quickly with a butterfly at one end and a clover at the opposite end.


  1. That is very pretty! Did you plan the way the colors worked out or was it luck? I like the diagonal stripe.
    :) Ann

  2. Good for you to get back into the swing of tatting. Your bookmark looks marvelous in those colors. Great job!

  3. Thank you both. That's the beauty of variegated thread. You never know exactly how it will turn out until you try it. I like the diagonal stripes too.

  4. Welcome back! Now go tat up a storm, :) and don't forget to share pictures.

  5. OH how Beautiful! Glad to see you back tatting too. It really does feel wonderful doesn't it?!?!

  6. You have a great site, new follower. Please follow back!


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