Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spinning My Wheels

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels? I do.

I feel like I've been productive with my crafts and tatting and yet I don't really have anything to show for all the time I've spent working them. How can that be?

Maybe it's because I've done a little bit on many different projects. Let's see what I've done...

(1) Add some edgings and embellishments to a crazy quilt block; (2) Practice tatting several small motifs to use in a pendant exchange; (3) Shop for findings and embellishments to add to my pieces; (4) Work on burp cloth edging and Filet Panel by Mary Konior, Tatting with Visual Patterns; and (5) Cut out and begin sewing a couple of large tote bags for friends.

I guess I have been more productive than I thought!

 Testing some half-closed rings for crazy quilt embellishment

Filet Panel from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns (unblocked)

Edging on second burp cloth (triple crochet then double crochet around edge)

What have you been working on?


  1. I think you've been very productive! I'm still working on my Primrose Path doily. I'm a little more than halfway through the last section.

  2. Bows and Tutus and I Spy Bags and hanging with my lovely hubby, kiddos and you when you are avail for our lovin!!!!


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