Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still Tatting

I feel bad that I've missed writing almost two months' worth of tatting posts to my blog. It's been a very busy time and I didn't have much to show. I hope you'll forgive me this one time.

We've been on vacation twice this year. Each time I took my tatting with me but didn't accomplish very much. Then it got crazy busy at work, and don't even get started on how many family birthdays there are this time of the year.

Enough excuses, I'm back and I'm still tatting.

When I saw Laura Bobay's beaded wreath on Tat-Man's (aka Mark Myers) website, I knew I just had to make it. The only Christmas green thread I have is size 10 and it was too big for my taste so I found a leafy green Lizbeth thread in size 20 that I liked much better. I hope Tat-Man and Laura won't mind that I didn't actually do both rounds. After I finished the first round, I like it so much that I included it in my In-Tatter's Christmas Exchange package. I'm starting another wreath and this time I promise to do both rounds. The wreath was needle tatted and has clear seed beads between the large rings. If you click on the photo, you'll see the full-size picture.

I've also been crocheting some baby beanie hats and making some large tote bags for gifts. So you see, I really have been busy at a combination of all things crafty.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and you're looking forward to the Christmas season.

(Revised 11/30/10 to include Laura Bobay's name as the designer of the beaded wreath.)