Saturday, October 31, 2009

Needle Tatted Snowflake

I've been practicing my needle tatting by working on a snowflake. For some reason, I'm still having trouble keeping my chains and rings going in the right direction when I begin a new round.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time and practice and I'll be more comfortable with the flow of tatting. It's not perfect but I'm happy with the way it turned out. The pattern by Lenore English was very easy to follow and I enjoyed being able to do the repetitions for practice. The piece measures almost four inches across using a size 20 thread.

Is it me or is needle tatting faster than shuttle tatting? It has only taken me two evenings to almost finish the snowflake and that seems pretty quick.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recycle and Re-use Tatting?

Earlier I mentioned that I want to put some tatting on crazy quilt purses for Christmas. I've been working on some small motifs and edgings to use and then I was looking through my tatting stuff for something and realized I had a ton of unfinished and banished tatted items in the back of a drawer that I can use.

I couldn't bear to throw them away even though they didn't work out, or I didn't like the color, I miscounted, or whatever reason, so I just stashed them away in the back of the drawer. Well, now these little unfinished, unwanted pieces will be put to good use decorating some quilting and no one will be the wiser that these were probably pieces that would eventually be thrown away. Recycling happens everywhere, doesn't it?

Now it's time to start sewing the purses so that I can get to the fun part of adding my tatting to make unique Christmas gifts.

Needle Tatting - So Much Fun!

I began shuttle tatting about a year ago and love it. During this past year I have tried needle tatting now and then but I wasn't real thrilled with the results. I thought the motifs I did with a needle were a little loose, if you will, and not as nice a shape as something done with a shuttle. But I love all of the needle tatted projects I've seen in other blogs and kept thinking I have to try again, I know I can do it. Well, after much practice and with the determination to needle tat something I'm proud of, I think I got it!

It's all about tension and needle size. I know I kept reading that but until I had more practice under my belt, I couldn't believe that would make so much difference. It does and right now I am lovin' the needle tatting. If any other tatters are trying to needle tat and are frustrated with the results, let me just say, keep at it. Your results will improve and your needle tatted projects will be just as beautiful as those you've admired.

And here's something you may not have realized yet - split rings with a needle - super easy!! Really, I struggled just like everyone else learning split rings with a shuttle but they are so easy with a needle - you won't believe it until you try it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Needle Tatting Progress

I've been working on my needle tatting and have actually made some progress. I have finished three small medallions and the Heart A-Fire pattern by Roger L. It took me awhile to keep the rings and chains going in the right direction and then finally the light went on and I think I get it now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tatting, Tatting Everywhere!

There is so much tatting information on the internet! I mean, really, I knew there were tons of blogs, videos, and shops but the more I get involved in the tatting community, the more information I find. There are Yahoo groups, several forums and boards, and don't even get me started on the number of Etsy shops, thread suppliers, and tatting/lace blogs that are available.

The best part is that you share your creativity with the rest of us - your tips and shortcuts learned along the way, ideas and patterns, and beautiful photos of your work. You are thoughtful and giving and much appreciated by all.

I've learned a lot from reading your blogs, following your suggestions, and tatting your beautiful patterns. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas Ideas

Today was a dark and cloudy day with a little bit of rain - just perfect!! It makes me think about the holidays. During my lunch break, I went to this wonderful quilt shop nearby in search of ideas. I found a couple of adorable purse patterns that I think I'll make for Christmas. What I really want to do is a crazy quilt look and instead of the usual embroidery stitches (I may still use some), I'll put some of my tatting on the purses. I think they'll look great and it gives me a chance to use some of the random motifs that don't really belong anywhere and some edgings that I've tried but haven't attached to anything.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last night I was able to finish up another motif designed by Jon - Quantiesque - which is one of my favorites. I did it in a pretty Orchid Pink 20 by Flora. Maybe this evening I'll be able to work on my Design-Tat project. Have a great day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Friday

Good morning bloggers. It's Friday - we made it through another week. The weather has cooled off about 15 degrees here and it's beautiful. Now it feels like the beginning of fall and I can't wait for the holidays. I'm still thinking about projects for Christmas and I have a few in mind, but I know I'll think of more.

I hope to do some serious tatting this weekend. We've been very busy this past month and away from home a lot so I'm looking forward to some quiet time with my thread and shuttles. I also need to finish my Design-Tat homework of the drawing and submit it.

The InTatters groups has a fun project for October which is to use the thread we don't like (for whatever reason) that's been stashed away at the back or bottom of the drawer and make something. I found some pretty thread in the bottom of my thread box and made a little angel. Honestly, a small motif or small angel is about all I could handle with that thread. It stretched; it broke; it got all tangled up; it was no fun to tat with at all.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

LadyShuttleMaker's weekly Monday MONDO Giveaway

Tatting Tales ~ All things Tatting (It's an obsession): LadyShuttleMaker's weekly Monday MONDO Giveaway

This is going to be fun

I think I may enjoy this after all. I got the InTatters link on the page and found a pretty background for my blog. I wonder who my first visitor/follower will be?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Welcome to my new blog, Tatteristic! I've been thinking about it for months but kept putting it off for a bunch of silly reasons. You know, things like, I'm too busy, what would I write about, stuff like that. Well, hopefully, I will have enough interesting stuff to say to keep people interested. Let's get going and see what happens.